Three Secrets To Reverse Diabetes

DiabetesIt is so scary that how disease like diabetes can put the life of sufferer at risk. Shockingly, there are many people who are living with diabetes but they don’t know about it. If you are just diagnosed with diabetes or you are at the edge of obtaining this disease then rest assured that you are not alone.

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is the disease in which body cells become less responsive to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is created by pancreas gland to lower the blood glucose level. After completing your meal the level of glucose level goes up and body needs insulin to bring it down. When there is diabetes, insulin may not be present or insufficient to reduce level of blood sugar in the body. This leads to creation of hyperglycemia which causes many cardiovascular diseases.

Although there are many diabetic diets available all over the internet that will help you to control your diabetes but most of them are created by people who don’t have any idea about diabetes. So it is important for you to obtain diabetic plan from reputable source like Diabetes Destroyer.

In this post I am going to share three important secrets that will help you to reverse your diabetes. It doesn’t matter whatever diabetic diet you obtain, you can surely include these three secrets to improve your condition.

Let’s take a look on these three secrets:

Secret #1 – Embrace Optimism:

Optimism is important in every aspect of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting with life-threatening disease or you are applying for new job, if you don’t develop good thoughts then it is difficult for you to achieve your goals.

Nicholas Butler once said, “Optimism is the essential tool for achievement and it is also the foundation of real success”. There are many studies that proved that optimism reduces stress in person’s life while improve their problem-solving abilities. Studies also shown that optimistic individuals are better in achieving their goals and they have stronger immune system which means less quicker healing and fewer illness.

As you can see being optimistic can help you in achieving your goal and help you to live longer and healthier. If you want to reverse your diabetes then you have to build positive thoughts. You have to thank diabetes because this disease shows you the new way to live and brings you closer to your family. If it is difficult for you to being optimistic after hearing news about your diabetes then here are some ways that can help you to build positive thoughts.

  • Find Happiness From Things You Like – Over 90% happiness comes from the things that you like. Try to find happiness even in the smallest thing like beautiful flowers or in the antics of kid or pets.
  • Play Some Outdoor Sports – Since the invention of gaming console we have forget the importance of outdoor sports. Outdoor sports can make Endorphins to run through your body. Endorphins are a group of hormones release by brain that helps you in feeling good about yourself and the world. This is what you desperatly need to beat diabetes.
  • Help Others – According to research, the people who help others are tend to live 24% happier than others. From now, promise yourself to help at least one person in your life without considering his or her relationship with you.

So live positive and build positive thoughts if you want to reverse diabetes.

Secret #2 – Develop Good Stamina:

StaminaIn the recent study at California University, it is discover that Americans spend less time exercising while not at work. Their calorie intake remains same and they are more at risk of obtaining diabetes and obesity.

In diabetes body is already stressed out this is why diabetic people always feel tired and they try to find artificial ways to boost their energy levels. However without good stamina they lose all hope and accept their diabetic condition for whole life.

Luckily for you, there are some ways that can help you in building stamina that your body needs to fight against diabetes. These are:

Giving Up Bad Lifestyle Habits – Since high glucose level is the sole responsible for lack of energy in your body as your body is investing all its energy in controlling blood sugar that is why you have to find ways to replenish the energy of your body to complete daily task. Some of these ways is by giving up bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol and lack of sleeping.

Exercising – Soft exercising doesn’t make you tired instead it encourages your cells to absorb glucose in better way and produce energy. It doesn’t mean you start hitting gym everyday and start lifting heavy weight. Lifting weights are for bodybuilders and your current objective is to gain energy. You can involve in fun sports like swimming, cycling and skating. If it is difficult for you to go out then you can even ‘exercise’ by cleaning your house or by walking down to your grocery store.

Avoid Depression – Diabetic people are on high risk of obtaining depression. For some the news of diabetes is enough to make them victim of diabetes and for some working late hours in office. If you are feeling tired frequently even your glucose level is under control then you must check for the symptoms of depression and get proper treatment.

Secret #3 – Eat Healthy All The Time:

Healthy foodsHealthy eating is the number one rule for beating diabetes. If you don’t know, unhealthy foods can leads to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes shows you the new way to live your life and by adopting good eating habits you are avoiding other diseases. If you are already diagnosed by diabetes your doctor convinced you to follow diabetic plan which was created by hospital’s dietician. In this diet you are provided with very limited foods such as vegetables, lean protein and legumes.

Keeping foods aside, you also have to reduce size of your meal so your body can manage glucose level in better way. This way your body can maintain the amount of fat and keeps blood pressure in check. Make sure to add ginger in your diet as ginger can provide numerous benefits to diabetic patients. Read this post on how ginger can prevent diabetes.

Here are some guidelines I want you give:

  • Always remember don’t remain hungry for long. Always have small snacks in between the meal.
  • Include healthy and unsaturated fat oil such as olive oil and sunflower oil
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Reduce amount of salt in your diet
  • Choose low-fat products with every meal

Here a short video on how to reverse diabetes

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