Major Causes of Diabetes

diabetesSince last few decades, more and more people from all over the world are getting affected with Diabetes. There are many people who are having diabetes in their body but they are unaware about it. If diabetes is remain untreated then it can great heart disorder, kidney failure, blindness, joint problems, weak muscles, hormone imbalance, autoimmune diseases and even death.

There is popular misconception about diabetes is only insulin therapy is the way to control diabetes. But the reality is diabetes doesn’t cause by lack of insulin. Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars by selling insulin medicines and they will never create something that can fix diabetes permanently.

Human body is the most complex machine in the world. It is really difficult to understand its function. Additionally human body has its own healing ability and it can fix diabetes problem itself if it’s get right foods.

Before you start finding right foods to fix diabetes permanently it is important to look on the root cause of diabetes. Unfortunately, there is no one cause of diabetes in fact there are many of them. But in this post I am going to cover 5 most common diabetes causes and also tell you their solution as well.

Let’s take a look on these 5 common causes of Diabetes:

Sugar/Fat Ratio:

This is probably the most important cause of Diabetes. So read it carefully to understand it.

Do you ever think why most Diabetic people are overweight and obese?

Let me explain…

Human body is made up to of numerous cells and every cell needs energy to survive. This energy comes from food that you need. In the normal condition body converts sugar into glucose and it is absorb by cells as energy. This keeps them alive and working properly.

But, when fat build up in the body these cells get layer of fat on them that stop them from absorbing glucose. Since glucose remains unabsorbed in the bloodstream this increases blood sugar level that causes serious health troubles such as kidney failure, blindness and even death as well.

In order to protect body from these health troubles pancreas starts creating additional amount of insulin hormone to control unabsorbed glucose and store it as fat. This is reason why diabetic person is also overweight.

So insulin shots are never the answer for diabetes instead with the help of right diabetic diet and proper plan like Diabetes Destroyer, human body can remove fat layer from cells and make them absorb glucose in better way.

Liver, Pancreas and Diabetes:

Healthy LiverLiver is the most important organ in your body. It is the chemical processing unit which stores and distributes nutrients in the body. Additionally, your liver gets 30% of blood before reaching to the other part of the body.

What role it does play in diabetes? Actually a lot…

Many doctors ignore the role of liver but Liver is more important than pancreas. This is because liver not only remove excess glucose from the body but also add it if it’s get low.

Liver has potential to create hormone like insulin called IFG (Insulin Like Growth Hormone) which is actually more powerful than insulin hormone in regulating blood sugar in the body. Actually Liver creates IFG to keep blood sugar at 100. If sugar level gets low in the body then brain sends signals to liver. Upon receiving signals from brain, Liver look for glycogen or store sugar in different places. If there is no stored sugar then Liver start turning fat into sugar and bring the amount of sugar to 100 again.

So how liver can help in treating diabetes? You will surprise to hear you only have to increase your liver efficiency by 20%. This will take stress away from pancreas which make easy for cells to absorb sugar in better way.

Low Quality Food:

Air pollution maskOur society is covered with high-sugar and low-nutrition food and we happily eat them because they are delicious and cheap as well. But healthy food is very rarely available in our society and it is expensive as well.

Even the quality of healthy vegetables and fruits is worst than it was few decades ago. According to World Watch Institution, Framers are producing two to three times more vegetables, fruits and grains then they were producing 50 years ago and today’s food contain less amount of zinc, iron, vitamins and other important minerals. So this means you have to eat 8 oranges to receive same amount of nutrition that you grandparents were getting from one orange.

However there are very limited amount of stores that are selling quality healthy products. If you want to find about them then read my review about Diabetes Destroyer.

External Factors:

There are many external factors that contribute in diabetes. Even researches and scientists proved that many environmental chemicals can lead to the development of diabetes. Scientists have already proved that certain drugs and chemicals leads to development of diabetes by testing on animals in their laboratories.

Here are some environmental chemicals that increase risk of diabetes:

Due to high amount of environmental chemicals it is nearly impossible to avoid all exposures to chemicals in the environment. However, with the help of certain diet we can increase the efficiency of our liver and eliminate every toxic from our body.


Overweight increases the risk of diabetes by two ways. Firstly, fat cells release hormone that interfere with the insulin and stop them from working properly. Secondly, they create fat layer on cells and stop them from absorbing glucose in the right way.

This is the reason to drop some pound but now these days there is hardly any physical activity left in our lifestyle. We used to walk on foot to go school but now kids have luxury of travelling school in car. We used to clean our house by duster but now we have modern machines. We use to play outdoor sports like basketball with our friends but now we like to play video basketball. All these modern day luxuries making us overweight and increasing risk of diabetes.

However, the simple solution is to increase physical activity in your life if you want to live without any diabetes in your life. Additionally Yoga is the great way to keep your weight under control. See this post to find three great Yoga moves that strengthen liver and pancreas.


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